Energising tea

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A remarkable blend that helps to relax the adrenal glands and improve thyroid function. One of the best natural pain killers and helps to maintain strong bones and tissue. Essential for those recovering from broken bones, hematomas and also helps to stop bruising.

This tea is also the perfect replacement for highly caffeinated drinks. The green tea provides healthier alternative to coffee or tea, helping to kickstart your mornings and revitalise you during the day.  


This antioxidant- rich Energising Tea is an invigorating alternative to black tea and coffee that our customers say leaves them enlivened and ready to take on the tasks of the day!

Formulated to replace sugary, caffeine-loaded energy drinks; Energising Tea can be drunk anytime you need a mental and physical boost.


We have hundreds of customers who have bought our Energising Tea that love the taste and feeling it gives them

"I have been working at shows and exhibitions for many years now and after a day or two of constantly being on the go my energy levels start to fade.So out came the espresso and Red Bull, followed by a sleepless night from all the caffeine I had consumed throughout the day. Now all I do is make up a flask of Energising Tea to drink throughout the morning to keep me going. Thanks to your Energising Tea I found I now have the energy to keep me going, and also the ability to focus on the work that needs doing (without the need for coffee). I have recommended your Energising Tea to many of my friends, who now drink it and they have now recommended it to their friends. Thank you for making a great product!" Mrs L Danks, June 2013

Method of use

To enjoy Energising Tea, brew a third of a teaspoon of the blend in a teapot with about a litre of boiling water for 15 minutes. Energising Tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold. For an extra energy boost, and if you like your tea sweeter; why not try with half a teaspoon of our nutritious natural sweetener SugaVida

We recommend drinking no more than 4-5 cups per day.

INGREDIENTS: Green tea, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, dried catkins, dry ginger, black pepper, cardamon. 15g