Our name is derived from our mission to nourish your whole being – your mental, physical and spiritual self, whilst preserving the integrity of the planet


Wholebeing Health Foods was originally founded by Kristina Locke, nutritional chef, speaker and pioneering entrepreneur whose mission is to bring life-changing pioneering products and services that really do make a difference.  

We have spent years researching and developing the most life-changing health foods and remedies to curate the products and services we offer. With their heritage based in India and inspired by Ayurveda – the Indian system of natural medicine aka ‘the science of life’, our research has taken us to the original source of each and every one of our products. This ensures that only the highest quality ingredients make it onto our shelves.

Our most renowned products are SugaVida; the world’s most nutritious natural sugar, helping thousands of people to curb addiction to white sugar and keeping blood sugar stable (particularly for diabetics). SugaVida enhances food & drink with its Great Taste Award winning flavour, adding a variety of benefits from the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in this Superfood sweetener. 

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The other is d’mix; our cult classic herbal digestive aid. D’mix has made long term improvements to the digestive health of over 100,000 people, helping to ease various gastric problems by re-teaching the body how to digest properly. Used by medical and nutritional doctors worldwide d’mix helps to resolve common digestive complaints by helping to breakdown and assimilate food, restore natural digestive balance by chewing and activating your own digestive enzymes.

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We’re most often asked; “why do I need to take these products”, “how do I take them”, ”what other improvements can I make to my diet and lifestyle to stay well?”or “how do I cook healthily when I have no time?”.

We have the answers and would be delighted be your partner and guide in your journey to wellbeing. The cornerstone behind all our advice is what we like to call an “evolutionary anchor” – if it’s not supported by nature, we don’t recommend it.  Simple!

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ - Hippocrates